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Igor Sikorsky was a renowned aviation pioneer who achieved distinction in three separate fields of aviation starting in Russia in 1913 and continuing in the United States until his passing in 1972. These fields included multi-engine fixed wing aircraft in Russia, multi-engine transcontinental seaplanes in the United States, and culminating in his life-long dream that was the rotary-wing, vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. Additionally, aircraft built during the Vought-Sikorsky years are tabulated separately as well as non-aircraft surface vehicles. Also, "Historical Essays" tabulates events in which Sikorsky helicopter models were featured with a link to a description of the events.



The company that he founded, Sikorsky Aircraft, continues to focus on aviation products embodying advanced technologies and unique design innovations in the tradition established by Igor Sikorsky

This section of the Product History provides Sikorsky lineage charts as well as attempts to focus on the full range of those experimental, production and historical events of fixed and rotary wing aircraft created under the direction of Igor Sikorsky and transportation products created by the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation.The development and production history of selected


His creation of the first practical helicopter in 1939 founded an entirely new industry in the United States that later grew to become a worldwide industry. The helicopter has become an integral part of both civilian and military aviation worldwide. It has matured to become the premier saver of lives in accidents, disasters and wartime combat situations. Igor Sikorsky envisioned this humanitarian use of the helicopter early in his long career and remains as his most important legacy


Sikorsky products under “Model” and "Remarks" are underlined and in bold indicate a link to Historical achievements, and/or significant design features, mission systems, performance, production history and the operator base associated with each product line where applicable.

For those products that are still in production and/or in operational use, the reader should understand that certain of the specific information presented might change with time as the particular configuration matures and is improved. For that reason, readers are encouraged to contact the Archives if current data is needed for any specific product.

Please click on any of the coded models listed in the tables below to learn more about its background and why it came into being, its special features, its specifications and its production history. The following lineage charts are organized in groups:



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