His Aviation Firsts


Igor Sikorsky, Sikorsky Aircraft and its products have compiled an impressive list of "Aviation Firsts" over the years. Some of the more significant achievements are listed below, however this list is not to date:


1909 H-1, Igor constructed his First helicopter "This machine was a failure to the extent that it could not fly. In other respects it was a very important and necessary stepping stone."

1910 S-2, Igor Sikorsky Flew for the First time

1911 S-5, Igor's First pilot license issued from the Imperial Aero Club of Russia

1912 S-6A won First place in the Moscow Aircraft Competition, pilot Igor Sikorsky

1913 S-9 First monocoque fuselage constructed in Russia

1913 S-10 establish a Russian Aviation Record flying 500 kilometers in 4 hrs and 56 min

1913 S-12 First Russian designed aircraft capable of a loop

1913 S-12 Established a Russian Altitude Record of 3,680m

1913 Igor Sikorsky flew the S-21 "Grand" the World's First successful four-engine plane

1913 S-21 set a World's Record for duration and literally set one World's Record after another for a four-engine plane with each fligh

1913 S-10 & S-11 won First and Second place in the Petrograd Military Competition

1914 S-27 set two World Records for payload and flight duration

1914 S-27 with pontoons was the largest seaplane built in the World

1916 S-27G with 880 horsepower was the largest plane produced in the World



1923 Igor founded his Sikorsky Aero Engineering Corporation

1924 S-29A the First twin-engine airplane capable of flying on one engine and First all metal aircraft

1925 S-29A the World's First airplane to broadcast a radio musical program in-flight

1926 S-29A the World's First airplane to show a motion picture in-flight

1929 S-37 First airplane to fly over the Andes Mountains

1929 S-38 extensively used in pioneering Central and South American air routes by Pan American Airways

1929 S-38 Piloted by Charles Lindbergh inaugurated air mail service between the United States and the Panama

1931 S-40 "American Clipper" was the Worlds largest airliner produced

1934 S-42 First production aircraft with wing flaps which allowed high flight speeds and low landing speeds.

1934 S-42 Established ten World Records, of which eight were set on one flight. This flight of August 1st vaulted the United States into First place holder of World Aviation Records

1935 S-42 inaugurated the First transoceanic air service, flying the first airmail from Honolulu to the mainland.

1937 S-42 made the First regular airline crossing of the North Atlantic Ocean and pioneered the transpacific route to Asi

1936 S-43 Established four World Altitude Records

1937 S-44 is the World's longest-range commercial aircraft. Only aircraft to have flown commercial scheduled non-stop across the north and south Atlantic. This was the last fixed-wing aircraft built by Sikorsky



vs-3001965 S-61 made the First nonstop, transcontinental, flight setting a World's record for distance of 2,105 miles

1965 S-61N made the First transatlantic crossing by a commercial helicopter 1965 S-64 claimed three World's Altitude Records

1966 S-64 First helicopter with engine inlet particle separator 1968 S-65 First large helicopter to loop and roll

1968 S-65 First titanium-spar rotor blade

1969 S-65 First helicopter with an infrared suppressor system

1970 S-65 First helicopter transpacific crossing

1970 S-67 First prototype gunship with wings and dive brakes

1970 S-67 set a World Speed Record

1970 S-67 First helicopter with swept-tip rotor blades

1971 S-70 First helicopter with a canted tail rotor

1973 S-69 First to fly the Advancing Blade Concept (ABC)

1973 S-70 First successful flight of an all composite, bearingless tail rotor

1973 CH-53E First three-engine helicopter

1973 CH-53E First seven-blade main rotor helicopter

1977 S-76 First helicopter designed for civil transportation

1980 S-70 first helicopter qualified to fly into know moderate icing conditions

1984 S-75 First all-composite airframe (ACAP)

1985 First helicopter with single-pilot research cockpit, fly-by-wire, sidearm controls, voice interaction (SHADOW)


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