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S-68, Commercial Transport


In the late 1960s Sikorsky was studying numerous aircraft designs to expand its product line, which at that time included various models of the H-3/S-61, the H-54/S-64, the H-53/S-65, and the recently introduced S-58T.

The S-58T was a reengining of the very successful H-34/S-58, replacing the reciprocating engine in that aircraft with two Pratt & Whitney turbine engines.  This was receiving reasonable success in the marketplace, and the Advanced Concepts section of the engineering department was tasked by management to study an approach which took that design and relocated the engines over the cabin with a fuselage design similar to the S-61L commercial aircraft.  It became a smaller sized version of that aircraft.

Although feasible, the market potential of this approach was not thought to be high enough to justify proceeding, and the program never went forward.

There is no known documentation of this program.

                                                                                                            Prepared by
Art Linden
June, 2013