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Editor - Philip Spalla Contributors - Sergei Sikorsky, Igor Sikorsky Jr., Harry Pember, Bruce Brown , Gail Smith & Ron Schlegel

"In those early days, the Chief Engineer was almost always the Chief Pilot as well. This had the
automatic result of eliminating poor engineering very early in aviation." Igor Sikorsky

Welcome New Members


"I was Ignorant that
I was Ignorant."
Igor Sikorsky

The Sikorsky Archives is pleased to welcome these new members who will help provide the means for future generations to acknowledge Sikorsky aviation history.

Tom Whidden Barbara Bilida
Robert Whitman Bill Rock
Bill Gallagher Ben Porco
Gail Smith Robert Zincone
Julis Kish Allan Cofield
Lea Trembeczki Ken Kelly
Ron Carson Tom Rose
Frank Tefft Joe Sincavage
Tom Anderson Joe LoSardo
Steele Scott Henry Lepri
Ed Comboni Allan Forsyth
Dick Enders James Satterwhite
Ralph Held James Peruta
Judith Strout Lyle Kennedy
David Jenney Kaye Williams


Admiral A. M. Pride, Bureau of Aeronautics, heard a rumor of a crazy bunch of Russians who were building an aircraft (S-29A) out of material salvaged from the scrap dump. Curious, he flew there, introduced himself and spent the day with them. About a month later he revisited to check progress and was intrigued to notice that other than Igor and the Gluhareff brothers, the rest were strangers. Upon inquiry, he was told that there was more than one group. At any time, one group was working on the aircraft, the others were in New York waiting tables and any other jobs to make money to feed those at Roosevelt Field. The groups rotated periodically.

Rare is the man of vision whose dreams become reality. Rarer still is one whose vision brings a better life to others while fulfilling his own. Such a man was Igor I Sikorsky, aeronautical pioneer, Father of the helicopter, inventor and philosopher.

The Sikorsky Archives photo collection is comprised of approximately 170,000 photographs. Archives Volunteers Ann Roviello and Bill Smethurst have started the project of sorting, indexing and filling the photographs.

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