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Published by the Igor I. Sikorsky Historical Archives, Inc. M/S S578, 6900 Main St, Stratford, CT 06615 May 1999

Bridgeport's Aquaculture School Students Construct Replica Windtunnel Test Models

culture School Director, and Malcolm (Nick) Nicholson, School Instructor, were asked if the school would support this effort. CADCAM design and boat construction are part of the school's curriculum. Igor Sikorsky Jr. inspected the replicas and remarked: "The quality of their workmanship accurately reflects the work of my father."

Phil Spalla, Sikorsky Archives Director, and John Hax, Russian Exhibit Coordinator, presents a check to Kenneth Henrici, Assistant Superintendent of Bridgeport Schools, with Igor Sikorsky Jr., Sikorsky Archives Board Member, and John Curtis, Aquaculture School Director, in attendance. The school is using for money to fund an Igor Sikorsky Scholarship for students.

"Engineering is a living branch of human activity and
its frontiers are by no means exhausted."
Igor Sikorsky

Smithsonian Fellowship

Sikorsky's Other Sikorsky

Carl Bobrow is congratulated by Harry Pember for being awarded this years Smithsonian Verville Fellowship. Carl helped form the Sikorsky Archives and continues to served as a Board Member. He has authored books on Igor Sikorsky's Russian period. This one-year project is to evaluate the development, utilization and effect of the World's first long range multi-engine bomber, the Sikorsky Ilia Mourometz 1914. The advent of this airplane changed the future of warfare significantly. This new plane evolved dramatically during WW I and Carl will examine the design and history of this innovative aircraft.

Igor (Prof) Alexis Sikorsky, Chief Aerodynamicist of Sikorsky Aircraft. Igor Sikorsky's cousin was affectionately referred to by his colleagues as "The Walking Encyclopedia", "The Things Keeper" and "The Man of Records." But it was Jimmy Viner who gave him the nickname that stuck - "Prof". "I was teaching Jimmy to be a draftsman in 1930, he started calling me "Professor" or "Prof"."

Prof was born in 1901 in Lenkoran, Russia. When he was seven his family

Jimmy Viner and sister Galina Sikorsky Godkin with uncle Igor I. Sikorsky and Igor A. Sikorsky.

"Igor's greatness lies in his extraordinary combination of intuition with science and engineering." Charles Lindbergh

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